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The Everything FAQ has a question about this: http://www.voidtools.com/faq.php#Can_Everything_index_a_mapped_network_drive


The Everything FAQ links to an article explaining how to bypass UAC on Vista using a shortcut. I'm not using Windows 7 at the moment so I can't test it, but I presume a similar process will work. After that, make sure you use the correct shortcut from Launchy.


Dialog windows are Microsoft Components (Open/Save windows etc), and you can not change them visually. EDIT: Extremely limited in what you can add or remove, or change ... besides what MS gives you. THey all look the same, like crwap. A developer would have to create their own form that mimics a dialog, and that would only work within their application. ...


As described in the Everything FAQ, starting Everything with the Windows Task Scheduler works in Launchy, but you can’t input your search term in Everything via Launchy. In my opinon, you have to live with the Windows 7 UAC if you want to benefit from searching your files with Everything via Launchy. Alternately, you can disable the UAC in Windows 7 and ...


There is no "exceptions" list for the UAC that you can add your program to. If you are signed in as an administrator: According to http://www.tweak-uac.com/home/, you can make UAC be quiet, so, do so and it should no longer prompt you. If you are not an administrator: Do the above and...Use CPAU to create job file, create a batch file that'll run CPAU ...

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