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Reflash the USB or check that the USB itself is not damaged. There really isn't much that could stop the LiveUSB from mounting it's own file system. It could be that in reality the error is in another part of the boot process but you only got to see that message. So, without more info, I recommend to check that the USB that you are using is healthy and ...


I would make the drive bootable. That way, when you need those specific files, you can boot off that drive. If its a USB, you can use YUMI from pen drive linux.


Yes, but not everything. Look for portable versions of the programs. Do note that you might not be able to copy over the settings, as a portable version usually works quite differently. But once you use a portable version, copying/moving that version does also move the settings. A place to find portable programs is here: www.portablefreeware.com Google ...

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