Media tool with support for multiple codecs, filters, and containers. Include your actual command and the complete console output when asking questions involving FFmpeg tools. An easy way to do this is by adding `-report` to your command and pasting the contents of the logfile generated.

FFmpeg is a suite of media encoders and decoders with support for multiple codecs and containers. It is typically used in library form by a graphical tool, or via the command-line interface which offers scriptability and portability. FFmpeg includes the libavcodec and libavformat libraries, and the ffmpeg, ffprobe, ffserver, and ffplay CLI tools.

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FFmpeg can be downloaded from the official homepage.

How to write a question for FFmpeg

  • Always install the latest version if possible
  • Include the full command line input and output, not truncating anything
  • Provide a sample video if possible

The ffmpeg-user mailing list and #ffmpeg IRC channel are also good places to ask for help.

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