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Yes, there is a key combo which triggers it, SHIFT + COMMAND + F. Screenshot Below: For me it works perfectly fine on 10.10.1 Yosemite. Screenshot Below: This feature was added in version 0.8.2. Release Notes Below: Floating Window ( View > Toggle Floating shift+⌘F ), make Window always floating on top of other apps.


I had the same issue for months. With the above answers I could fix it in two steps. Step 1. I right-clicked the toolbar on the question mark. After selecting icons & labels it showed me, at last, the name of the file that caused the problem. Step 2. Command + click on the filename to drag it out of the window. Done!


I too would like a better solution. The only way I know of, which isn't a bad way, is to make a disk image on your computer. It will act like it is an external disk. The only downsides is you have to set a size of the image, so the disk image will take up that much space on your real drive. Also you must mount the image any time you want to use it. ...

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