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Definitely use the transparent icon. Then, just move it. Out of sight, out of mind.


Does anyone know how to stop this? I always turn on the "Show all filename extensions" in the Finder -> Preferences. Obviously you could turn it on, tweak the name of the file and then turn it back off if you didn't want to run with this setting all of the time.


This is @n8henrie's solution, except with a tweak to reselect the selected items, which I kind of like: -- duplicateFinderTab.scpt -- Uses a hacky workaroud to duplicate the frontmost Finder tab, -- since Apple hasn't provided great AppleScript support for this. ---------------------------------------------- on run {} tell application "Finder" ...


⌘O is nice to get started. ⌘⇧N will create the new folder. ⌘[ will bring you back. This is not optimal but at least you do not have to use the mouse.


What OP asked is, when making a screenshot in OSX(by cmd+shift+3 or cmd+shift+4), the file is saved to desktop folder by default, and OP wants to change that location. I created a similar folder but also having problem set it using "defaults write", however, since it's saved in a plist, we can modify this file directly. The plist is located at ...

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