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If you're behind a firewall (common ISP router) don't worry, unless a NAT/PAT on that router no one reached you. Also, if with localhost you mean you binded it to localhost, only connections from the same machine could be happened. Don't worry anyway.


I think the problem with your example is the final arguments; you are sshing to B, when you should be listing the "final destination", albeit the port-forwarded host/port, which is port 10000, but should be localhost, not B, as B is resolved from the perspective of A, and port 10000 on B is probably not open externally. E.g., corrected: ssh -ti ...


To check at which point or hop your port is being blocked use tracetcp. its very simple as below. To check port 31 all the way to destination: $ tracetcp www.ebay.co.uk:31 Tracing route to [www.ebay.co.uk] on port 31 Over a maximum of 30 hops. 1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms [wintermute] 2 10 ms 13 ms 9 ms ...

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