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The N270 is a 7 year old single core CPU, which was one of the lowest end processors even then, being completely trounced by processors from 4 years prior to its introduction. It is just not fast enough to do a software decode of modern compression algorithms. The GMA 950 graphics processor was also low low end, and does not have any hardware video ...


It can't play 720p video because that processor is literally 7 years old. Even in its day it was designed to be a low power/low cost (i.e. slower) chip. The Atom processor was a total processor redesign on Intel's part -- not being based on an underclocked version of any then-existing CPU. It was specifically made to run cheap, underpowered NetBooks, which ...


try chrome://flags/ and Enable NPAPI


The unallocated space will be used to replace memory cells which fail. Flash memory devices are manufactured with considerable excess, and when a cell fails, it can no longer be written to, but it can be read from, At that point, the controller on board will copy the memory content to a new, unallocated, cell, and then mark the old cell out of use.


Why? Could be any number of reasons. The plugins (that need to parse web pages to extract links) need to be aware of the various tricks each site uses to hide the actual URLs and prevent users from downloading the videos. That's why when YouTube for example changes things at their end many of these video grabber plugins stop working till they're updated ...


For Mac users, I can suggest a non-ideal but simple method that works for me at least. In System Preferences, I set up a keyboard shortcut to "Move focus to the menu bar". If I'm watching a youtube video and the focus is captured, I can use the keyboard to move focus to the menu, and then I can open a new tab with CMD-t.

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