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Maybe the administrator of the school's computer disabled accessing USB drives in Windows 7 for security reasons to prevent the introduction of malware to the school's computer via USB drives. For security reasons access to the two other partitions that aren't visible on that computer may have also been disabled.


There is no single answer to this question. HTML5 is supposed to be more efficient and lighter in terms of resources. But the actual performance and resource consumption is highly dependant on the hardware, software and the combination of both. Some browsers are reported to be more efficient at rendering flash than HTML5. Results also vary between different ...


Your computer is probably added to a group policy which your system administrator has set up on the domain. You can use the USB only in power mode, like powering your mouse or keyboard, but you cannot use it for data transfer. The only way you can have access to USB drives is to talk to the system administrator to remove your computer from that group ...

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