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Enhancement: create a VB variable (LineWT) that points to a cell in the spreadsheet. Then instead of "Format.Line.Weight = 0.25" change 0.25 to LineWT. Then you can change the line weight by changing it on spreadsheet and clicking the macro button. You can use similar code to set X/Y Axes names with pointers to the spreadsheet.


Is there a way to align the first part to the left, then the next part to the right? Use a Right Tab stop . After following the instructions below, everything you type before a tab will align left. Everything you type after a tab will align right (assuming there are no other tab stops in the ruler). Click the tab selector at the left end of the ...


To restore back your 8GB you might want to use Ease Partition master. It has a way better functionallity than the default one in Windows. Just delete all the partitions on your USB and then format. I had a similar issue when trying to restore microSD card with Windows 10 IoT image on it. It was showing 3MB in exlporer.


In Thunderbird 45+ you could change between "Paraghraph" and "Body Text" style from Tools -> Options (Preferences) -> Composition -> Check/Uncheck the following option: "When using paragraph format, the enter key creates a new paragraph"


Assuming that mke2fs has to write data (e.g. for inode tables, journal, superblocks and accounting information) till only about 5% of the size of the filesystem and a write speed of 100 MB/s it would take under 17 minutes!

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