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When you open the ETL in WPA, click on Profiles->Apply->Browse Catalog and select the file FullBoot.Boot.wpaprofile you see this overview: and see a 58s delay in PreSessionInit/PreSMSS-Phase What Happens in This Subphase The PreSMSS subphase begins when the kernel is invoked. During this subphase, the kernel initializes data structures and ...


95°C for a laptop CPU is very high. See if you can clear your CPU fan for dust that might be getting in the way of efficient airflow. The maximum operating temperature for an Intel i7-6700HQ is 100° according to cpu-world


On your place, before diving into soldering as @julie-pelletier suggests or buying a new mouse as many other suggested, I would consider trying the following steps to recover proper functionality of the mouse: There could be a situation when the mouse sensor what contacts with a surface is not clean. You can clean it with a Dust removal spray. There could ...


I had also irregular freezes, created new accounts from scratch, started outlook in safe mode , diasbled ALL add-ins, disabled hardware acceleration , ran scanpst countless times on all pst's. really spended / lost an entire day on this and then eventually it dawned me that it had to do with internet communication, hence proxy settings ... after clearing the ...

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