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LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib worked for me on Debian Squeeze.


First of all, if you are running Ubuntu Maverick you had already glib installed before you started. Second: Why don't you install Audacity from the repositories of Ubuntu and skip the compiling part. Look at this: 1, 2 About replacing glib 2.26, I recommend you don't do such a thing, since Gtk+ version have hard version dependecy over Glib, and if you ...


I figured out the problem. dpkg will only show the binary *.debpackages as installed. If you just ./configure && make && make install it will not show up in dpkg. so I put this prefix ./configure --prefix=/usr while building.


You should extract them into and build them in a normal user's home directory. You should install them into /usr/local via sudo.


Yes so just following the instructions in the INSTALL file: ./configure, make, make install; works fine. It gets installed by default into /usr/local/share I prefer to extract it to the home folder just in case the tar is needed again in the future.


Try installing glib via MacPorts.


In case anyone still has this problem, I needed to install the glib1 port to get Firefox to build; the glib port installed glib 2.3 which doesn't work.

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