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You can also run a full gnome-flashback (gnome 2 look on gnome 3) session now. Just install gnome-flashback and xinit from the cygwin setup, GNOME Flashback shortcut will appear in your start menu in the Cygwin-X folder.


As of 2016, the default Cygwin64 repositories contains Gnome 3 apps. I installed these cygwin packages (and their dependencies) and I am now able to use Eye of GNOME 3.18 on Windows 7. eog xinit xorg First, I open a cygwin bash terminal. Then, I type startxwin and hit enter. Two new tray icons appear. One of them resembles the cygwin logo, but with a ...


You can trim the title bar aspect with Open Terminal Create file "gtk.css", on /home/(userdirectory)/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css $ cd /home/(userdirectory) //change with your username directory $ gedit .config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css insert code below .header-bar.default-decoration { padding-top : 4px; padding-bottom : 4px; } .header-bar.default-decoration .button....

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