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If you can write a command that can calculate the function you need, then you're done: gnuplot> f(x) = real(system(sprintf("echo %f", x))) gnuplot> plot f(x) (see help system) So you can use e.g. octave to calculate your value. E.g., if your system is linux, you can have directly: gnuplot> bJ(a,x) = real(system(sprintf("echo 'besselj(%f,%f)' | ...


Not sure if this response will be of relevance anymore but since I wasn't able to find the answer elsewhere I thought I should share this with anyone else who may be stumbling across this page: You can use the data style "steps" to achieve what you would like. The step style maintains your data value until the next sample. You will have two ways of ...


I solved it by setting the install flag --with-aquaterm, not -with-aqua brew install gnuplot --with-aquaterm

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