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Because isn't the MX (mail exchange) for gmail.com. If you ping gmail.com, ping uses the A record to perform its task, but sending emails (often) incorporates other servers. You can use the tool dig (on Windows: nslookup -q=mx gmail.com as grawity mentioned in the comments) to see those DNS records: Probe:~ trurl$ dig -t ANY gmail.com ; ...


Google has off-loaded static content (JavaScript code, images and CSS) to a different domain name in an effort to reduce bandwidth usage and increase network performance for the end user. increases performance by increasing, in theory, the number of connections the browser can use, by default, most browsers will only make two connections to a single ...


It's Google Safebrowsing feature in Chrome. That feature checking sites and tell you if that site is "Attack Site" sinni800: @MicTech, Google has all it's search servers under the 1e100 domain. I know this is kind of late but w/e. It does not ONLY relate to google safe browsing.


Simple - run the system on a separate network segment (oh you are already, arn't you?). Force everything through a proxy, or disconnect that segment from the internet at large during an exam. There's nothing to stop someone from pasting a bigass cheat sheet on $randompastebinsite, or using their own proxy. You'll have a MUCH easier time isolating the ...


Chrome has 4 releases - a regular release, a beta release, a dev release and canary. Canary is simply a much newer release thats not as well tested, but has the latest shiny stuff. After a while the version that was released in the canary channel gets any bugs that are found fixed, then filters downward to dev, and then to the beta and regular releases. ...


When you send email to user@domain.com, the outgoing mail server uses the DNS MX record of the destination domain to determine which IP address is responsible for handling mail at that domain. This may not be the same IP address returned during a normal ping. Using the 'dig' tool on Linux I can determine that the MX record for gmail.com resolves to the ...


It is just another DNS server option. Actually, it is the DNS server of Google, it means that Google provides the DNS and maintenance of this service, which means it is "more reliable" than some another DNS servers due to the fact that is maintained by one of the biggest IT companies of the world. Also, according to Wikipedia, Google DNS provides some ...


It's easier to use Wolfram|Alpha. It's great at mathematical problems! By the way, the answer given by Wolfram|Alpha is: x = (- 1 +- sqrt(41))/2 :)


I've received feedback from the Chromium team and the issue is now closed as they stated it's a legitimate Google request. See message from the Chromium team below. Ironically, it opens up more questions. Any additional comments can be seen on the issue page at the Chromium project. Message from Chromium team (Oct. 17, 2013): You're right that Chromium ...


Tip of the day: Scroll all the way to the bottom of their pages to see the unhidden answers...


I didn't have any of these extensions installed but I just noticed an update to the Window Resizer Plugin started redirecting all my Google Search results links through EcoSia to support tree planting in Brazil. So if you have the Window Resizer plugin or any other plugin that supports Ecosia in a recent update. That may be the culprit. Its not spam or a ...


There is actually a simple way to get your GMail acount to work with Windows 8 Mail App even with 2-step verification enabled. You'll just have to use Application Specific password. Go to your Google Account settings. You must be logged in: https://www.google.com/settings/account Click on Security from the Accounts tab. In the Authorizing applications and ...


If you search for something in Google Search … … just begin typing again. For example, writing "unicorns", then " magic" (that is, space, then the next keyword) will automatically focus the search box again. Note that you need to enable instant search from your settings: Finally, you can also press ⇥ (Tab) to get a manual selection for ...


After installing Chrome in a fresh VM and checking autoruns, these are the only entries created: Services are no longer registered. But Google takes updating still very seriously. Here are the two tasks listed in the Task Scheduler: The upper task points to: C:\Users\Oliver\AppData\Local\Google\Update\GoogleUpdate.exe /c The lower task points to: ...


There is not currently a keyboard shortcut to duplicate a tab in Google Chrome (see a list of keyboard shortcuts). However, it looks like Chrome may soon enable support for extensions to duplicate tabs, which means you might soon be able to find a Chrome extension that can duplicate a tab through a keyboard shortcut. Currently, all of the extensions that ...


From Google FAQ: With some exceptions, punctuation is ignored (that is, you can't search for @#$%^&*()=+[]\ and other special characters). Following here: Punctuation that is not ignored Punctuation in popular terms that have particular meanings, like [ C++] or [ C# ] (both are names of programming languages), are not ignored. ...


It varies a bit, since the logo is shaded/antialiased, but these values are pretty close: Blue: #0266C8 Red: #F90101 Yellow: #F2B50F Green: #00933B


I don't think commandlinefu supports Google OpenIDs. They need to properly add it with the method shown here. When added, a link is provided that redirects to Google's login page and uses the login process shown here: since their site lacks this, the method cannot be used. Support for Google OpenIDs has been requested on their uservoice.


Try to use: email@[]


Chrome does sync History now. Google does keep a track of previous searches, when you're logged into your account.


In Google Chrome, you can press Ctrl+L to focus the address bar. This would allow you to perform a new search instantly. In case you want to focus the search box on the actual Google website, please refer to slhck's answer. You can also enable Instant inside Google Chrome by checking the following setting:


OR You can use javascript to detect when the exam webpage loses focus. You can prompt a warning box that would ask the student to return focus to the window. and terminate the exam if the student still opts switching tab. here is how you can achieve it:Is there a way to detect if a browser window is not currently active?


All the Doodles can be found through the Google Doodles page. For saving any given doodle, I demonstrate my approach using the same Soccer 2012 doodle as @Synetech. To simplify the manipulation I use both Firefox and IE. Open the archive page in Firefox Right-click on the doodle and choose the menu option of This Frame => Show Only This Frame : Open ...


Ctrl+K in Chrome not only moves your courser to the Google ommibox, but it also clears it, saving you the extra keystroke. F6 is another way to get to omnibox, and will always work, whereas key combinations may also depend on where your mouse courser or focus is; for example, on SE, Ctrl+K is the shortcut to add code to a question or answer.


The page searchdomaincheck returns your preferred Google domain. For me, visiting it returns https://www.google.com/ normally, but https://www.google.com.py/ in a temporary profile and incognito mode. This is its main function, although I fail to see why it is needed if you're not using the Google search engine. To make this possible, Chromium has to be ...


Yes, there is. Steps: Press Win + R and execute regedit. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Update. Add/modify the DWORD DisableAutoUpdateChecksCheckboxValue and set it to 1. (Source: How to Customize or Disable Google Update) Make sure you update at least Chrome periodically to fix vulnerabilities.

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