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Gmail's web page is running MANY scripts in the background on timers, etc. These take up memory as they work. Your "Saved" copy won't have these scripts (at least not in a working/running manner), and their associated objects in memory. If you use a memory profiler (built into most modern browsers' development tools) you can see what's actually using ...


Maybe this would help: Improve font rendering in Google Chrome 35 or newer on Windows (April 15, 2014) [...] The main issue here is that Chrome uses Windows GDI to render fonts while most modern web browsers that run on Windows use DirectWrite instead. The Chrome development team has integrated full support for DirectWrite into Chrome Beta -- ...


Make sure you have no filtering enabled, which should then show ... messages are hidden by filters on top of the console output: Once set, that filter is active even after restarting Chrome. And indeed Incognito Mode keeps its own setting for that.

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