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There are IPv6 IP adresses. The difference between familiar to you IPv4 adresses is that IPV6 one are 128 bits long. All of them are located in Malysia so if you're not located there then it's likely you've been hacked.


If I remember well there is the link: command you can write in the google page [1]: link: www.yoursite/path/to/yourfile.pdf It is referred [2] that with info: site you can get the pages that link to the site. info: Get information about a web address, including the cached version of the page, similar pages, and pages that link to the site. Example: ...


This is clearly a scam! I am not concerned that the virus warning of that site has some base. The only thing I'd be concerned is if I mistakenly agreed/downloaded something while on that site. For a second opinion run the Malwarebytes program. (and BTW running two real time anti-virus software - you said you have AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials - is ...


Goto Chromesettings > Manage search engines and add new search engine. Give this address for new engine and make it default search engine. It will tell Google to not use Country redirection. This solution is from ...

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