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So from the discussion in the comments I gather these are your goals: Add 240 GiB to sda2, the Windows partition Add 90 GiB to sda6, the Linux partition Currently, the disk is in an illegal (sort-of) state, though most operating systems will tolerate it: The extended partition is followed by another partition both physically (obvious from image) and ...


The basic problem is the extended partition /dev/sda3. There are several things you can do:- You should be able to extend /dev/sda3 to fill the currently unallocated space: you will probably need to do this by booting a LiveCD. You can then move the swap partition /dev/sda5 to the end of the extended partition (though it will be quicker to delete and ...


Shrinking an empty ext4 filesystem is indeed very fast, but you're also moving the beginning of the partition. Now, instead of relocating the end and chopping it off, every single bit in the large partition must be shifted in the direction you moved the partition. The partition is very large, so it'll take a long time. You should probably recreate the ...


There should be no problem with just cloning the smaller partition on the larger drive and then enlarging it.

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