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Many SD cards have a write protect lock on the side. Be sure that the lock is set so that writing to the SD card is permitted.


The "active" flag in Windows is called the "boot" flag in Linux. It's the same flag. Windows and Linux use different terminology for the same bootable partition or drive The term "active" is used for the bootable partition when you are in a Windows/DOS-type environment. The term "boot" is used for the bootable partition when in a Linux ...


/dev/sda2 is a logical partition. It works a bit like a container for other partitions. That is why /dev/sda5 is "within" /dev/sda2. In order to expand /dev/sda1, you need to have contiguous unallocated space to expand into. This isn't possible with your current configuration. What you need to do is move the swap partition to occupy the last 8GB of the ...


You should be able to grab the edge of the partition sda1 and increase as much as you like within the available unalocated space.

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