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I was using an old version of the GParted Live Disk. I downloaded the latest release and it worked as per the instructions I linked to.


Thanks for the fdisk and mount outputs. the difference between the two fdisk outputs is just in Units used, hence the numbers are different. The /dev/sda1 partition isn't yet resized, it's still ~20GB. You will have to resize it first, best done when booted from the CD: ~# fdisk /dev/sda Welcome to fdisk (util-linux 2.23.2). Command (m for help): p ...


There's not much you can do. Here's why: This diagram shows physical layout of partitions on your disk. I have added arrows pointing to /dev/sda1 and unallocated space. You can't merge them because they are not side by side - partitions have to be continuous. You could merge them into one logical partition if you had LVM set up. I have never used it ...

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