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No, GDDR is isolated to the Video card itself and is specifically optimized for use on the video cards integrated circuitry, whereas DDR RAM is used by the mainboard. DDR5 for general purpose use doesn't exist yet, and DDR4 is only just now becoming supported. Most modern systems will use DDR3 ram, and GDDR5 VRAM.


After a lot of research, I finally found the reason for this. Apparently, Fermi-based GPUs do not support DirectX12 yet. "[They] will gain support for DirectX 12 ... later this year". Hopefully, this won't take too long.


Hertz (Hz) and frames-per-second (FPS) are two independent factors. For your monitor, hertz is the number of times your monitor can redraw the image on the screen. The higher the hertz, the smoother the movement on screen is. This value is based on the hardware in your monitor. FPS is the number of your times your graphics card can build the image your ...


The HD 4000 will perform well for the tasks you're looking to do. As misha256 commented, you'll be developing for the lowest graphics capabilities which expands your userbase (providing you're doing that kind of development). Tom's Hardware and Anandtech did a review of the HD4000 and you can view their comprehensive notes on the links (and surrounding ...


You might wear the fan out faster, but by keeping your CPU and GPU at a lower operating temperature, they will have longer life expectancies. Overall the main downside of having the fan running at full speed the whole time is the noise pollution. If that doesn't bother you, go ahead. Alternatively, you can buy certain laptop 'stands' that have fans built ...


Nope, they don't. The ram on the video card is on the video card and soldered in. The ram on the desktop is well, on the desktop. You can run anything from DDD3 to GDDR5 on a video card with a desktop that does DDR2 or 3, with a PCIe slot of suitable 'size'. Video cards have different requirements from PCs and tend to use faster/different ram than PCs ...

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