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First of all, it's hard to give a clean-cut answer when we don't know what outputs your laptop has, and what inputs your monitors have. If your laptop has a DisplayPort 1.2 output, you can daisy-chain two monitors through it. So yes, it's possible. Your graphics card surely has the muscles to run two full-HD monitors, provided your laptop can provide output ...


Not sure why you think this is unusual?! Check out the CPU rates with both cables, that is likely to show you what is working harder. But I'm not at all surprised. For starters, as I understand it, HDMI has enforced DRM thanks to those "wonderful" folk at MPAA/RIAA. Have you also made sure that you have the latest drivers installed for everything?


No the motherboard video will be tied to whatever video chip is utilized in your CPU. Your discrete video card is completely separate from the motherboard video. If you plug in your monitor to your motherboards video connections, you will draw whatever the CPU video chip is capable of, and same with the discrete video card, if you have a monitor plugged ...


I occasionally get screen artifacts like this in Windows 8.1: that hover above anything, including the Start screen and above the Snipping tool preview. (Rectangular Snip is a menu from the Snipping Tool, now hovering over Outlook.) I locked my computer and unlocked it, which removed the artifact.


I got it all worked out. Apparently the issue is from the TV. Because I am using the TV from a hotel, so the HDMI is actually deactivated by the hotel. By simply unplugging the phone line at the back, I can switch to the HDMI channel I want. Thanks for all the help


First of all the choice of your graphics card has nothing to do with the RAM. Also your motherboard supports 4GB RAM modules because as stated in the specifications it supports up to 8GB RAM in 2 slots (so it supports 2 x 4GB). On the same specificationss page you see that your motherboard features a PCI Express x16 slot which is compatible with the 3 ...


Here's a list of available drivers for your setup. I just setup an SLI 450 GTS PC last night. The Nvidia control panel seems to have more features than what your experiencing... http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 344.75 November 18, 2014 GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 344.65 November 10, 2014 GeForce Game ...

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