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AIDA64 and GPU-Z are ok. The Dxdiag report is a known bug for Windows 7. Report the CPU-Z issue to the creator of the tool.


I calculate 408W (12V * (16 amps + 18 amps)) on your 12V rails, which is the rail your GPU will use. It probably can't actually do that do to efficiency challenges, which explains why the PSU is only advertised as 500 watts. The GPU gets power from the slot it plugs into, and when that's insufficient, is supplemented by up to two extra power connections. ...


If you are connected to an external screen, the bios bootup should still be displayed on the screen as well as the windows bootup, driver issues shouldn't kick in until you actually load up windows. To boot, as you are using a laptop, disabling the onboard graphics chip, should render your pc complete incapable of showing anything at all, so this is either ...


"System interrupts" isn't really a process, even though it appears in the "Details" tab lists of processes. Interrupts are not charged to any particular process. Task Manager just displays it that way to give it a label. A high interrupt rate is normally caused by one of: An I/O device with a lot of activity. The commenter asked if your disk was very ...


Yes, you can set this option by a registry entry. Open the registry. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common. Create a subkey named Graphics. Create a new DWORD and name it DisableHardwareAcceleration and set its value to 1. Hope this helps.

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