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I run a combination of X windows, rdp and vnc depending on the machine OS and any other factors. I prefer the customization of VNC/TightVNC. Good luck.


Here is another solution that hasn't been stated and is a bit better than setting mouse trails, etc. On the host computer, create a text file called config.ini in the "C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware Workstation" folder. If this folder does not exist, create it. Add the following line to the file: mks.noHostCursor= "True" Save the file and relaunch your ...


i had the same problem but a miracle happened. In my desparation i tried to reduce core clock offset I don't know what i did, but i fixed it and im super happy now. I specifically don't know how to find this option, i found it via the EXPERTool Programm which is compatible with my GPU (NVIDIA GTX 950 OC 2GB) I think it will help you, although im not sure ...


You should plug both monitors into the graphics card, as your graphics card is substantially more powerful than the built-in GPU. If they are displaying the same image, this takes almost no additional processing power. It's not remotely clear this is your intention, though, as you say you want to use the monitors for different things. If you aren't ...


TIFF files can hold JPEG data, and ImageMagick is trying to save your image as a monochrome JPEG (inside the TIFF), which is not possible. Add +compress or -compress lzw in your command to force other format: convert foo.jpg -flatten -monochrome +compress bar.tif convert foo.jpg -flatten -monochrome -compress lzw bar.tif

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