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Yes, and if you want to grep REALLY fast you can make a huge RAMdisk. But you can also grep more efficiently: 1) If you're searching for a fixed string use 'fgrep' instead of 'grep'. 2) start your command like this unless it's a UTF8 file: LC_ALL=C fgrep 'somestring' hugefile.log ...


Ports are opened as soon as there is an application listening to them. For instance, if you install openssh-server, then port 25 TCP is open. If you then go into the configuration file and change the port from 25 to 48 and restart the server, 48 will be open and 25 closed. So, basically, whenever an application is listening, the port will be open. What ...


Try this with GNU grep: grep --color -P '^[[:alnum:]]+[[:blank:]]+\K[[:alnum:]]+[[:blank:]]+[[:alnum:]]+' file


Note, that in powershell v1.0 and v2.0 you need to specify first position parameter (path) to work with -Recursion technet documentation -Recurse Gets the items in the specified locations and in all child items of the locations. In Windows PowerShell 2.0 and earlier versions of Windows PowerShell, the Recurse parameter works only when the ...

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