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There is a Windows GUI called OpenSSLUI built on top of OpenSSL, and it has an Util-tab where you can easily build a P12 file from your certificate files. Download it from http://opensslui.sourceforge.net/


You can show this dialog via running this command: rundll32.exe van.dll,RunVAN from a command prompt or via the "Run dialog" ( + R)


The omnibar (also known as omnibox) is the address bar combined with the google search box. Source The Difference Between The Address Bar and the Google Search Field As browsers evolved over the years developers began to combine the address bar and the search field. The first major browser to do this was Google Chrome. The bar at the top of ...


You don't say whether you're running wicd-gtk or wicd-curses? It sounds like GTK since you mention "button". wicd-gtk is a single process (Python session). Sorry to knotech, but you're just wrong. There are daemon and monitor processes, but they are supposed to remain running at all times and it is extremely unlikely that there will be multiple copies, ...


This is how I did It: Ensure your computer has 2 user accounts. Take RDC of your same computer using IP address as And login using second account. Multiple RDC login might require some patching. So use google. Run your script in RDC window. Do not minimize this window, resize it to small size and move it out of the way. This is required because ...

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