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By tar during extraction you can strip-off the first n leading components of the filename/path. In your case if you have done a tar from files: /bbpre/spool/COPY/ZIP/cp1.txt /bbpre/spool/COPY/ZIP/cp2.txt /bbpre/spool/COPY/ZIP/cp3.txt by extract with strip-components flag you can remove unwanted path filename levels: tar -xvzf yourtar.tar ...


If I am understanding you correctly you want to take multiple files and zip them at once and then unzip them back into multiple files at once. Here is how to do this: $ touch 1.txt 2.txt 3.txt $ gzip 1.txt 2.txt 3.txt $ gzip -d 1.txt.gz 2.txt.gz 3.txt.gz I just tried this in a VM and it created 3 files, gzipped them separately, and then unzipped them ...


Using gunzip -r * did the work.

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