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I now have a capture.txt file with a bunch of binary data. Or, more correctly, you have a pcap file, with the misleading suffix .txt ("misleading" because it's not a text file - the output of tcpdump's -w is never a text file!), which, by definition, is a bunch of binary data. This worked great except that my browser and server are configured to use ...


Unfortunately, I don't think there's any commands to gunzip just the zipped bits of a file. I think you'll have to figure out a way to get tcpdump to pipe output that is compressed through gunzip before putting it in the file. On a side note, why don't you use something like curl http://server/api > apilog.txt ? Or is the client a mobile device?


They are all technically correct, just different MIME types, although, most are depreciated. The correct MIME type is application/x-gzip according to cPanel standards.

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