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If you were to user rsync with the '--ignore-existing' argument it aught to detect the duplicates and and copy everything else over. rsync -ra --ignore-exisiting /path/to/source /path/to/destination I'd create a few test directories with identical files and some hard links thrown in them and do some trials to iron out any unforeseen 'kinks'. You can ...


rsync is a good tool you might want to use to recursively copy a directory to another. When rsync -a Dir1/ Dir2 encounters files with the same names, it unlinks* the file first, copies to a temporary file, and renames the file to the original name. If it is interrupted, you don't lose any files that you wouldn't have lost if the command has finished. Just ...


Of course there's a risk of file corruption for major (unspecified) file-system operations, on an unspecified file system, even without taking into account the gamut of possible hardware failures. Ensure you have good backups.

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