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The i5-2400 will work with pretty much any socket 1155 motherboard, so you can look at the boards that were released with SandyBridge CPUs — for example, H61, H67, Z68 — as well as those that were released for IvyBridge CPUs, such as B75, H77, Z77. Most board manufacturers have a CPU compatibility list for each board, so if you find a particular ...


Since your CPU is an LGA1155, any motherboard with that socket will do. They will be harder to find with time but it is still possible to find and buy one today. You're putting a GTX 560 inside so I guess max performance isn't your goal. I would stick with the ASUS brand and P67 chipset. Personally, I'd go with an ASUS P8P67, for example (would it be LE, ...

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