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No, you can't--you will need some kind of intermediary, and there may be considerations about processor throughput and latency. (I'm not qualified to say if a Raspberry Pi is capable of this.) The reason is that your HDMI source of any type is transmitting digital streams of video and audio information. What you are trying to do is take four separate ...


It sounds like you want to have two external displays connected to your MacBook Pro which only supports one external display. The only way around this is to install a USB video adapter such as this one. These adapters are relatively expensive and have poor performance, but it is your only option.


USB to HDMI converters perse do not exist. However what does exists are graphics cards with a HDMI output which connect to your computer via an USB interface. This is different in such a way that it does not translate USB to HDMI. (This might seem trivial, but it is technically quite different). I don not know what versions of USB I have in my PC (its a ...


You have a number of options for doing this, but I think the cheapest may be to use a $35 Chromecast. According to this site full desktop sharing is a beta feature of Chromecast: How to setup desktop screen sharing to Chromecast? The setup of desktop screen sharing is very simple and straightforward. You do not need any additional software or ...

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