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As said before, on an lcd screen you can only choose multiples of your native resolution to avoid the blurry effect. So for your 1920*1080 screen you should lower your resolution to 960*540 which is much too low for you I guess.


LCD monitors will only ever look nice and crisp when set to their native resolution. In your case, 1920x1080. If things are too small to read, you're best bet is to keep the 1920x1080 resolution and adjust the screen "DPI" setting in your OS. You haven't specified what OS you're running, but assuming it's Windows: Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8/8.1


If you select a non-native resolution, the driver has to calculate every pixel value from the original image where it corresponds to a fraction of a pixel. The interpolation error of up-sampling results in the blurry impression you have noticed. The error can be reduced if you select a resolution with the same aspect ratio (width / hight) as your native ...


Yo must match slide aspect ratio with screen ratio. Thus, if your screen is 16:9 so does the slide should be. The problem with this is that graphics and images will get stretched. In order to prevent it you must manually Lock aspect ratio (right click, Size and Position, check the box). You can do this after stretching too, but it requires tweaking the Scale ...

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