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Since your display supports HDMI 1.4 and, according to Wikipedia, 2560×1600p75 is supported since HDMI 1.3, you’ll face no problems when using HDMI. For your intent, it is absolutely equal to DisplayPort. HDMI cables are no longer “versioned”. Instead, they are separated into “Standard” and “High Speed”, with the latter being capable of 4K etc. So your ...


Displayport is the way to go, because it was meant exactly for this. HDMI has a lower bandwidth and some videocards will natively have DisplayPort as extra channel, but limit the use of HDMI+DVI. For example, if you have an ATI card, you can have 2 DVI ports, or a DVI and HDMI port, but not 2 DVI and HDMI port. However, next to 2 of these, you can have a ...


Go with the DisplayPort. Although the high speed HDMI cable offers true 4k (4096 x 2160) and the DisplayPort only offers 4k formatted for 16:9 i believe (3840 x 2160), the DisplayPort offers a refresh rate of up to 60hz, while the HDMI is limited to 24hz, and both surpass your resolution needs. You can find more info here: ...


In your case, DisplayPort is probably going to be the better option. The newest DisplayPort standard (1.2) supports 21.6 Gbit/s bandwidth, while the newest HDMI (2.0) standard only supports a bandwidth of 18 Gbits/s. Your RF-G1167 can't be any higher than 1.2, and, as such, won't support Ultra-HD resolutions (according to the page on the BestBuy website). I ...


I came across Multiplicity by EdgeRunner which may fit the bill. I'm waiting on a response from them to confirm that it'll handle my resolution needs. http://edgerunner.com/multiplicity It's comparatively cheap too, which is amazing.


Well i did find one, if price isn't a concern it is over $3k http://www.1800kvmswitch.com/Item/SPE-SL1.1-LC.aspx

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