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This is a function of your display driver. Check the graphics driver control panel or software and disable the hotkeys feature, or if it allows you to do so disable just this one hotkey.


Uninstalling Start Menu 8 fixes this problem.


An alternative could be the free or paid tool Lookeen. The free version offers all features of the paid version but only indexes drive C: . Another nice feature you may like is the the start on double ctrl tap ;).


The answer below, while correct for most products, does not work for VMware or other products that take priority control of the keyboard. It turns out that the current version of VMware installs a keyboard handler in Windows, that when VMware has the focus, intercepts with priority all keyboard keys and does not pass practically any to the host, except for ...


The ctrl+w key is used in the nano editor on linux systems. When using crosh in Google chrome this key combination results in a prompt to close the current window. Try using ctrl+alt+w Works for me when connecting to remote systems via ssh using crosh.


I noticed that a previously saved file with more than one tab selected, also known as group mode, when opened again will default to manual calculation. If this happens you will need to set calculations back to automatic by any method mentioned above.

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