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There are sometimes physical reasons why a system can only support up to X memory. Potential reason for that are: The memory controller (these days build into the APU or the CPU) does not support more. There are insufficient traces on the motherboard to connect to larger DIMMs. There is some software limitation. (e.g. the hardware can handle it but the ...


This could be a result of HyperThreading, where there are multiple virtual cores per each physical CPU core.


Dual power supplies in servers are for redundancy. If one fails the other will keep the server powered. Being "hot swappable" allows for replacing the defective unit without powering down the server. According to the product overview in the HP Support Center your server is equipped with; Rear accessible Hot Plug Redundant Power Supplies (RPS optional on ...


wmic cpu get numberoflogicalprocessors That will return your logical processors. This includes HyperThreading on Intel processors. If you want Physical cores (including multiple processor setups you can use: wmic cpu get numberofcores Windows Task Manager (At least through Windows 7) will show logical cores, not physical cores. This is because the ...


The keyboard backlighting state can be toggled using fn+f5.

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