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Is it possible to renew Comodo 3-month free SSL certificate ... I don't know about Comodo or the terms of the program, so I can't comment on specifics. But I would expect the answer is YES. ... or at least issue a new one with entered information? You can get a new certificate issued to the same public key you used in the previous certificate. You ...


For Mac OS X: Click on the Certificate icon in the address bar. Click on "Certificate Information", then drag and drop the certificate image to your desktop or any other folder. Double click the cer file you've just saved, it will open in the Keychain Access. Choose a keychain to store it (I think this step is specific to Yosemite), for example "login", ...


If the client is talking to a site that speaks HTTP, but not HTTPS, you can't "make" it speak HTTPS. The site itself has to support HTTPS. Many sites support HTTP and HTTPS, but there are a few out there that still only do HTTP. IMHO, this is better addressed with a browser addin, but Squid lets you filter requests through a script that can rewrite those ...


Not really the answer I was looking for and I would still like to find a real answer but for the time being I am mapping an SFTP share using the free SFTP Net Drive tool by Eldos which works well enough and should be about as secure as WebDAV HTTPS would be.


Sounds like you need EFF's HTTPS Everywhere plugin. Or if you are running a server, you could serve a Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=31536000 header over HTTPS. That would force browsers to use HTTPS for that server for the next year.

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