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Alright, so for anyone else who has this issue here is the solution. DISCLAIMER: YOU WILL MOST LIKELY LOSE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY ON THE HOST PC/SERVER UNTIL THE FINAL STEP Since you cannot remove/uninstall the Hyper-V switch through Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections The only choice left is to open the device manager. Device Manager ...


I also had this issue. After removing the virtual switch, I still could not add a new external virtual switch. I had to uninstall the Hyper-V component from add/remove components, reboot, install the Hyper-V component from add/remove components, reboot, and then I could add an external virtual switch.


You almost certainly didn't remove your Hyper-V virtual switch before you uninstalled Hyper-V. This means your network interface probably doesn't have the correct protocol bindings. It would probably be best to install it again, remove the Virtual switch correctly, then uninstall if you want it removed. Since removing the virtual switch didn't fix things, ...

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