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Go to File tab => Options => Mail => Signatures Enter your signature (including your email address, as per your requirement). Outlook will automatically create a hyperlink for your email address. To negate that, right-click on your hyper-linked email address and from the menu that pops up choose "Remove hyperlink".


I had the same question, and because there wasn’t a solution for GNU/Linux, I asked the question on Ask Ubuntu. There, user264504 answered that it’s possible by holding Super + Alt while selecting the text with the mouse. (As my question was about Firefox and got closed as duplicate for this one, which is about Google Chrome, I think it makes sense to also ...


To have the links appear as "normal" hyperlinks again across all your documents: Click on the Office Button in the top left corner of MS Word. Click on Word Options at the bottom of the drop down menu. Select Advanced. Scroll down and uncheck the box "show field codes instead of their values." (That's in word 2007 I presume it would be a similar process ...


When I choose "Export as PDF" from the File menu I get a window of PDF Options with the "General" tab selected by default. I will assume for the sake of this answer that this is the same for you as well. If you look toward the right-hand end of the tab bar in that PDF Options window (second to last option just to the left of "Security") there should be a ...

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