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The Desktop view is accidentally set to Tiles (or perhaps caused by "Bags" corruption). Right-click Desktop, click View, and select one of the icon views > Small/Medium/Large. Alternately, here are the keyboard combinations you can use: (First, click an empty area on the desktop) Ctrl + Shift + 1 - Extra Large Icons Ctrl + Shift + 2 - Large Icons Ctrl + ...


There is a pdf.icns file in the package contents of the Go to the application in the Applications folder. Right click and 'Show Package Contents'. The pdf.icns file can be found here: /Applications/ It doesn't look like the image you posted above however. At least not on OSX El Capitan (...


Navigate to to find all icon files. You can find the icons used on the following GitHub repository. Some other icons also come from their respective installation folders.


Crowd sourcing. Provide your screenshot and question asking what software the icon is for in a forum focused on computer software. Were it me, I'd try the forums over at Tom's Hardware.


If you right click blank space on the page and click "Save As..." you will download all the page resources. You can see which pieces you're interested in keeping by using your browser's version of "View Source". I'd urge you to learn some basic illustration tools to avoid using somebody else's resources without their permission.

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