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I have solved the icon issue by: Starting the Task Manager Ending the explorer.exe process (Right click on explorer.exe -> End process) Opening a command line window (File -> New Task (Run...) -> Type cmd.exe) In the cmd window type cd %userprofile%\appdata\local Now you need to delete the iconcache.db file del iconcache.db /a Exit the cmd window by ...


I went through and enabled/disabled each Dropbox Shell Icon Overlays and found the following results below on Windows 7 x64 and Dropbox 2.10.30. The 4 primary status icons described in this Dropbox help doc are as follows: | Icon Overlay | Color | Status | | ------------ | ----- | ---------------------- | | DropboxExt1 | Green | Synced! ...


This happens when you use a 3rd party Windows 8 Theme under Windows 8.1. I know that the Program StartIsBack+ fixes this incompatibility.

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