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This is the same as the folder under 'Users' on your disk. The desktop icon acts as a shortcut to your account's "home" directory; it is similar in purpose to the "My Documents" icon in XP and earlier releases, or to the "home directory" on Linux. Just like "Computer" and other icons, it can be enabled to show up on the actual desktop, and it will always ...


Preview application makes it easier: 1) select all your images in Finder (you can sort by type in Finder) 2) right click on selection, choose Open or Open in Application Preview All files should be opened in one window with side scroller. At this scroller transparency images will be showed with gray background.


The easiest way is to right click to floder and propertis, and after on this tab click for image selecting or in the picture "Kép választás" and now you can search the icon for the floder.: Is there way for can change to this small icon, but this to complicate. Just crate a icon and replace it. (If the picture is too small, you can view also in here.)


Press WinKey + R [ Run ] ie4uinit.exe -ClearIconCache


That is the icon that's associated with your Google Chrome profile. You'll see the icon in the taskbar as well.


Yes, it is an update of Google chrome. It is the icon to create Google chrome account, which help to sync your bookmarks, history, etc., across all your devices.


Place a file called desktop.ini inside each folder and fill it with this content: [.ShellClassInfo] IconResource=..\Icons\my_resourceDLL.dll,XXX Or: IconResource=..\Icons\icon.ico,0 Where XXX is the icon number. ..\Icons is a relative path, you can use your own dir name.


Make sure your Network Location Awareness Service is enabled and running. See http://blogs.technet.com/b/networking/archive/2012/12/20/the-network-connection-status-icon.aspx

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