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Under MAC OS: Open the Image in Viewer. Press CMD+A (Select All), then press CMD+C (Copy) Open Photoshop CC or CS, make new Document and press CMD+V (Paste) That's all :-) PS: Under Windows i think its the same way, copy image in standard viewer and then just paste it in Photoshop.


How about Greenshot? Also a screenshot tool but with an easy editor incorporated.


You can use the Online Image Editor tool. You can find this option in: Wizards --> Transparency. Working fine!


If you don't want to download anything - and if skewing isn't an issue - MS-Office's picture viewer will allow arbitrary (degree-level precision) rotations. From Win Explorer, right click the image and Open with ... Microsoft Office 20xx Select 'Picture/Roate and Flip...' from the menu Then, in the right hand pane, you'll notice the 'by degree' text box.

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