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In Paint.net, select "Move Selected Pixels" tool. On Mouse Right Click and try moving your mouse left and right. Your image starts rotating.


Even though there is an accepted answer, thought I would give my 2 cents. If you just want to convert to grayscale using default conversion method, IrfanView does the job. However, for those who might want to specify exactly how the colors are to be converted to grayscale I thought I will mention the program I use. It is commercial, but allows one to ...


In Irfanview, go to 'File' » 'Batch Conversion' (or press the hotkey, B), add all files to be converted, check 'Use advanced options', then click on the 'Advanced' button, and check 'Convert to grayscale', like so: This should allow a batch conversion of multiple bitmap images to grayscale. You can also batch convert to any of the image file formats ...


I just found out about Batch Processing option in IrfanView. Using Batch Processing, I was able to convert all the images in the series to greyscale in one fell swoop. The output greyscale images were of type .PGM.


I would recommend Imagemagick. It is a command line utility that is extremely flexible with many supported functions. One of which being converting to greyscale. See this post for more: http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/color_mods/ tl;dr convert test.png -type GrayScale grey_type.png To install Imagemagick, there are all sorts of binaries here: ...


Wikipedia offers a list of possible TIFF compression methods. It also includes JPEG. However, as TIFF is generally understood to be a lossless format, lossy compression schemes are rather uncommon. According to this PHP function it’s also possible to store a dedicated thumbnail image. This may be desirable in case of very large images. Technically, this is ...

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