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You can use the following: convert.exe -density 96 -resize 640x480 input.pdf +adjoin -alpha remove -alpha off output-%02d.jpg The %02d makes sure the number is zero padded to 2 digits.


The Convert command doesn't modify the metadata. The Exif tags still hold the info from the previous image. You could fix that using this ExifTool command: ExifTool "-ExifImageHeight<ImageHeight" "-ExifImageWidth<ImageWidth" test.jpg If you're not using windows, change double quotes to single quotes.


Installation will make available various libraries and Command-line Tools. There isn't one named imagemagick. It's a software suite, and it's libraries ofttimes used by tools. If you've installed an X server ImageMagick's X GUI can be launched with the command display without any arguments. (See the XQuartz website for installing X). Click on the splash ...

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