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There are more benchmarks and the i7 does beat the i5. However, there still seems to be some weird performance benchmark scores flying out there. For example the Ars Technica review had some results where the gpu performance of the i7 was lower than a comparable i5's. He's got a request in with Lenovo to see why its occuring. Here's the article: ...


There is a small difference between them but i7 5600u is better because it has: Cache 4MB (vs 3MB) Processor Base Frequency 2.6 GHz (vs 2.3 GHz) Max Turbo Frequency 3.2 GHz (vs 2.7 GHz) Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency 950 MHz (vs 900 MHz) But if I was buying I would go for the i5-5300U because it's a lot cheaper! (Recommended Customer Price $281.00 vs ...


-EDITED- Looks like some sites were wrongfully listing the CPUs as different architecture. I opened notifications to them. Since architecture is identical, the 5600 should outperform the 5300, however it appears that there are no relevant benchmarks available yet.

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