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This seems to be a known bug : Clion 2016.1.1 code lens on Linux shows unreadable aliased bold font text. In Clion 2016.1.1, the lens mode on Linux (opensuse leap 42.1) looks bad. It shows bold text which is aliased and unreadable. This problem is the same across themes and font settings. See attached file. The lens mode used to work just fine in ...


None of this ugly stuff is needed anymore. Download the latest IntelliJ (2016.1 onwards) for Linux. It includes a modified JRE with the fonts issue fixed. To fix Android Studio too make a symbolic link to the IntelliJ jre: ln -s /PATH/TO/INTELLIJ/jre /PATH/TO/ANDROIDSTUDIO/jre Alternatively, just open your file manager as root (assuming your IDEs are ...


Well, guess I found the solution myself. Adding <build> <resources> <resource> <directory>conf</directory> </resource> </resources> </build> to the pom.xml fixes the issue.

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