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You can simply disable any network adapters in the Device Manager. Only people with administrator access would be able to enable it again.


What you are asking for is called a Captive portal : A captive portal is a 'Landing' web page, presented by a Layer 3 brand or Layer 2 Operator and shown to users before they gain more-broad access to URL or http-based Internet services. Often used to present a Landing or Log-In page, the portal intercepts observed packets until such time as the ...


According to the datasheet, it does support Gigabit Ethernet in its WAN port, and according to the manual, page 93 of the PDF, you can set the WAN port speed manually under the Advanced network settings page from the configuration site. You can check that it isn't being forced down to 100Mbps in the configuration and you can try to force it to 1000Mbps. ...


Try this: Launch IE8 Tools > Internet Options > 'Restore advanced settings' and 'Reset Internet explorer settings'. Restart IE8

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