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If you have sar you probably have gnuplot which supports ASCII output. (Example 2) can be used with sar. (Example 2)


LSF doesn't report NFS io in the io index. From the documentation. I/O rate (io) The io index measures I/O throughput to disks attached directly to this host, in KB per second. It does not include I/O to disks that are mounted from other hosts. If you want the NFS io rate to be available (e.g., for use in a resource requirement string), you ...


You may be nested deeper than you were previously if you are using the Windows user folders under C:\%HOMEPATH%\Documents etc. or any number of other reasons. Flattening your structure with shorter names is really your only option. To clean up the offending directory, make sure you have your files safely stored in a new folder and clean up the old one ...

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