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Press "Shift" key (up arrow sign) first, then you are able to enter "!". This applies to "?" as well.


In case this is of any help to others, I followed lots of the advice here. Initially worked fine after placing in a bag of rice for a few days, but an intermittent issue later arose which I totted up to being black coloured liquid that was underneath the splash proof protector that sits beneath the keys. It was preventing the relevant contact being made ...


Simple answer: yes you can. Since your speakers are initially USB powered, they are designed to operate with 5V power supply. Voltage of your power supply is exactly 5V and the power is: 5V*1A =5W Since you only need 1.2W, it should be more than enough to power your speakers. But you would obviously need to do all the soldering yourself to pick correct ...


If you are probably into HTML, JS and CSS, then Adobe Air would support you to deploy an app for iPhone and iPad. Adobe air uses a combination of ActionScript, HTML, CSS and Javascript to build applications.

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