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Apparently there are a lot of folks having issues with IOS 8 and slower than expected WiFi speeds. Here are a couple things you can try: Disable Wi-FI Networking Services at > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. This only relates to your location being used for Wi-Fi Networking, so it doesn’t disable Wi-Fi entirely. Reset Network Settings. ...


Skype history is synced to Skype's servers, so can't you access the data online here? Otherwise, I think they only thing you could do is jailbreak the phone and peruse through the file system (not advisable). I'm sure there would be some sort of log file, but there would be no way of knowing until you 'break open' the application. Edit: After some more ...


You can have 5. that's 2 fingers from one hand & 3 from the other. [I never tried for separate accounts, so I don't know if you get 5 fingerprints for each account or just 5 total] Add each finger as a separate fingerprint; otherwise the poor thing will never figure out what you're trying to do. Touch at several angles, simulating the randomness of ...


Podcasts synchronization on iTunes is really lame. My suggestion is forget iTunes for that, and manage your podcasts subscriptions only on your iPhone.

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