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5GB for 30 mins of HD data is already highly compressed - a raw 1080p is stream is in the order of magnitude of 50 times that size. - It seems that your expectations may be unrealistic, or that you need to trade off quality for a smaller filesize. (Not sure if/how you can do that on an ipad - I suspect you can't - at least not unless you stop recording ...


The ARM CPUs in mobile devices are less powerful than their desktop counterparts even if their frequency is the same (you can't compare them), and even desktops still struggle with on the fly video encoding, that's why you can play a game smoothly at 60 FPS but as soon as you start a screen recording program your frame rate drops significantly (and GPU ...


It could be that the bluetooth (and other nearby wireless devices) work on the 2.4GHz band and thus interfering with the wifi data causing streaming issues. That would also indicate why it works better without the bluetooth headphones.

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