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I searched for "mac action on iphone connection" and found How to Keep iPhoto from Launching When Connecting Your iPhone to Your Mac, which says, Connect your iPhone to your computer. Close iPhoto when it opens up. Open your applications folder and launch the "Image Capture" app. This app detects when you connect a camera (or camera-containing device, ...


I'm pretty sure you're looking for the "Manually manage music and videos" option since videos taken with the iPhone are stored within the same folder(s) that pictures are. To enable/disable "Manually manage music and videos", select your iPhone device within iTunes, make sure you're looking at "Settings-->Summary" and you'll find it under "Options".


Apple has a utility called Apple Configurator, available on the mac app store, that allows you to make a profile for a device and restrict certain features. Preventing updating is on the home screen of the app: You can find guides on how to install, and other features on Apple's website: https://www.apple.com/support/business-education/apple-configurator/


Simple definitive steps to transfer your Windows iTunes Library to Mac. It will preserve playlists, play counts, [most] album artwork etc. It doesn't require extensive knowledge of either Mac or Windows - even the 'difficult' bits ought to be easy to follow. (For a more 'hardcore' method, using sed, see my answer at ...

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