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EDIT: This behaviour is due to a recent change in iTunes 12.2 that apparently causes iTunes to launch whenever Plex Media Server is started: The generation of the XML is now optional in iTunes 12.2 - check Preferences > Advanced and set the option Share iTunes Library XML with other applications. In order to fix it, simply turn the option Share iTunes ...


You may need to install a Visual C++ Redistributable Package. If that does not work, try the solution below that was suggested on Apple's forums. Install iTunes 12.2.1 for Windows (64-bit - for older video cards) Open iTunes and go to the Radio. Play a song from any category. After that try playing a song from your own music.


You can’t. The only way to install programs like iTunes is with Homebrew Cask; but it doesn’t provide iTunes because it’s already pre-installed on OS X and “Apple pushes iTunes updates automatically as part of system updates, so there’s no reason why anyone should be using homebrew-cask to install this” (the quote comes from a Homebrew-Cask maintainer).


If you click on "Remind me later" enough times1, it will change to "No thanks": (Screenshot source) This behavior doesn't seem to happen if you click on the [X] to dismiss the dialog box. Unfortunately, I was unable to determine where in the filesystem or registry iTunes stores the setting to display the popup for installing iCloud. 1 I didn't count how ...


Just an idea, but try running this from a command prompt: start shell:Startup and see if the iTunes shortcut is there. If it is, simply delete it. UPDATE: iTunes is apparently not compatible with Windows 10, which could explain the erratic behavior. I found this out after a live chat with apple.


You may try to use Podsync. It converts YouTube/Vimeo links (groups, channels, users) to podcast feeds, which can be added to any podcast player on iOS/Android or whatever platform you use. It's completely free and easy to use.

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