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The easiest fix here is to make an XY Scatter chart, using the line without markers option. It won't be filled beneath the line, but you will have more control over the X axis.


I've found an option for that. Just open the menu and click "Report wrong category" (screenshot is in german) And then you can switch to the right category: If this really helps, time will show. Update: The steps above just report the wrong category. You are also able to set your own filter in the gmail settings. There you can set a label to a mail ...


I moved (with drag&drop) the e-mails from Forge manually from the "wrong" tab to the tab I wanted the message to show up. GMail then asks if you always want to perform this action on all e-mails from this sender, which you can answer with "yes". That fixed the problem for me. Edit: This is some kind of strange. This (see screenshot below) appears when ...

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