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Nothing is going to do (c) (automatic update) without some help. The simplest way to achieve almost everything else is to put all your shared material in a single document (or in fact, you could use multiple documents). Bookmark each item. To use the item in a "client" document, use an INCLUDETEXT field that specifies the fullname of the document and the ...


The replacement of Windows 7 Home Premium is Windows 10 Home, not the single language edition. The Single Language Edition is the upgrade of Windows 8.1 Single Language, wich is only sold in emerging markets. You can get a fresh Windows 10 Home ISO from Microsoft. Select here Windows 10.


I found an answer that solved the problem for me. The only step I did was to go to the registry, to HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Nls\Language\Defaultand change the REG_SZ value to the language I wanted. ...

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