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There is a great, but not really obvious option that can do this. It will work for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Here are the steps: open Control Panel open Region open the Administrative tab click the button Copy Settings On this screen you can copy your current language (of course, make sure your user language is set to the one you want to ...


Type "about:flags" in the address bar and then enable "direct write". This should fix your font rendering issue.


Open a new tab in Chrome and copy this to the address bar: chrome://flags/#disable-direct-write The top of the page should say "Disable DirectWrite Windows". Click "Enable" right underneath it. Restart Chrome when requested.


Registered just to post this, hope it helps others who got fustrated with it as well. Under Control Panel > Language > Advanced Settings > Override for Windows display language Defaults follows your language setup, you can choose to select what language you wan't to show here.


It has been established that this is a bug affecting only the en-GB users of Windows 10, and it only crops up on the odd occasion on PCs. Microsoft has confirmed it is a bug, and is working on patching it. The only two solutions so far would be to reset your PC or wait for Microsoft to release an update on patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of each month. ...


Microsoft states that Cortana is available in the UK. Even if region, language and input are set to UK, users are unable to get Cortana. This is a well-known bug from Microsoft. There's a workaround for that bug. Cortana shows you with two options: Settings and Not Interested. When you click settings it will take you to another page only to tell you that ...


You will need to redownload the Japanese language pack. Click Start, hamburger, Settings, Time and Language, Region and Language. If you still see Japanese there, click on it and a button to download should appear. After installing you can click Japanese again and click Options. From there you can check the IME keyboard is installed. Note that the ...


The easiest way would to upload a notebook to OneDrive and then add the files you want to be converted to searchable text. It will automatically convert new content to searchable text like you want. Here is the article that describes this feature that was added earlier in the year. ...


I've solved my problem by putting in the languages settings the French language at the top. After some restarts all my modern ui apps are in French.

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