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Samsung scx 4300 driver and office program from your computer re-install. drivers can be downloaded from the following link. http://www.samsungdrivers.net/samsung-scx-4300-driver/


It sounds like there is an incompatibility between the toners. If magenta alone works well, but its mixture with other colors causes a problem, than this is very likely. I have a test page here, which includes boxes filled with 5 colors: magenta 50% magenta, 50% cyan 50% magenta, 50% yellow 50% magenta, 50% black 30% cyan, 60% magenta, 50% yellow, and 50% ...


By what you're saying, I assume you are using a PostScript driver. I know Kyocera have a generic PCL driver that can be used, available for all platforms. May I suggest that you try using the PCL driver rather than the PostScript one, and see if a similar problem occurs. At a photocopier and printer company I provide the IT services for, they always suggest ...


You need to go into your printer's properties and set that up there. There's no mention of OS but I assume Windows. You will find your printer(s) in the Control panel.


Peak power consumption of a laser is typically around 1000W. Average consumption is far less, but that peak (added to whatever else is plugged into it) may exceed the UPS's maximum power capacity. For example, my home printer a DocuPrint CM305 df uses 410W during continuous printing, but up to 1100W peak during warm-up - and 8W in deep sleep mode. Buying a ...

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