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TVs, unlike computer monitors, historically enable overscan by default – they cut off a few pixels from each border of the input, and zoom in the rest. For compatibility, they do this even for digital inputs like HDMI, though most of them have an option to turn this off. Since the image is zoomed a little, input pixels no longer correspond to screen ...


What is the relationship between resolution and screen size? Horizontal or vertical Resolution / DPI = Physical screen horizontal or vertical size in inches Computer monitors used to have 96 DPI, but that's not true anymore. Monitors with greater DPI are made. For a 96 DPI display, the size of a square pixel is 0.01 inches or 0.26 mm. A 32 inches ...


If you get the similar flickering while using any output (built-in LCD, HDMI, VGA, etc), then perhaps the issue is with your video adapter rather than the LCD.


This sounds like it could be a graphics card issue. As far as I know, the HDMI and LCD display are separate systems. Try doing a clean install of your graphics card drivers (uninstall, restart, reinstall, restart). If that doesn't resolve your issue then it sounds to me like your gpu is going bad. ...

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