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If each monitor is connected to the PC directly, this can be done with DDC protocol. There are programs you can use with this protocol to provide control.


There are 2 types of backlights: LED and Cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs). In case of CCFL they are dimed by a driver (called invertor). It is located in the bottom of the screen assembly as a separate PCB. You need to replace it. IN case of the LED backlights driver is often integrated on the rear part of the screen, so you'll need to replace these ...


1) BrighView HD LED-Backlit display is a glossy screen. It has advantages such as clearer images, wide viewing angles, high contrast, vivid colors and reduced eye fatigue. 2) HD TN GL(Slim) is TN matrix that has dim colors, but it better for gaming, because it has a smaller response time. 3) Full HD WLED Backlit TN Glare Slim Display is a glossy screen ...


In short, every single monitor is slightly different. Even two of the same model from the same factory can have different calibrations and color temperatures right off the assembly line. Calibrating the display can help, but this is only minimally effective unless you have a very high-quality display. Also, surrounding colors will influence how a ...

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