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I went for it. Had to turn it on in order to find it. The plastic on the top is all scratched from prying. A picture is worth a thousand words...


You have only two options, since the LED is controlled by the motherboard, and You can not change it with software You keep using your sticking tape. You unplug it from your motherboard, and configure your bios so You can power your PC from your keyboard. EDIT: to be more accurate in my second point, I suggested disconnecting the power cable from the ...


You can manipulate Mac keyboard LEDs with this.. /* * keyboard_leds.c * Manipulate keyboard LEDs (capslock and numlock) programmatically. * * gcc -Wall -o keyboard_leds keyboard_leds.c -framework IOKit * -framework CoreFoundation * * Copyright (c) 2007,2008 Amit Singh. All Rights Reserved. * * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, ...


Don't have this type of laptop, but the problem you are describing with static would depend on how humid the air is. Static isn't a problem in very humid climates, but is in very dry ones. If the location/s your laptop is used in is in a climate controlled building or room, it would depend on the type of climate control being used.

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