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Any conflicting statement in your license withstanding, most software is licensed on a per-user or per-machine basis. I have never heard about software that is licensed on a per-windows-license basis. That being said, I am not a lawyer and I strongly recommend you to talk to your software vendor about licensing questions.


Windows is licensed by Microsoft Corp. Photoshop is licensed by Adobe Corp. 2 separate companies with their own Terms & Conditions on licensing. The licensing by companies will typically vary largely depending on the version & edition of software you have. An example of this is some editions & versions of Microsoft office allow you to ...


Sorry, but you need 5 licenses of Photoshop since it is licensed per computer.


First, if you configure the deployment in Per-User mode, You shouldn't see any connection failures due to lack of licenses. From what you said, 2 out of 10 CAL's were issued to two users who connected successfully which means licensing server and licensing configuration on RDSH is working fine. The problem seems to be on RDSH, can you try after removing ...

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