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I'm unaware of the nuances on how HD Sentinel goes about gathering information and making predictions on drive failure and health (other than S.M.A.R.T diagnostics) so it's within the realm of possibility that HD Sentinel is basing it's predictions on a limited average of software reports or logs of GB writes/day. Reading into HD Sentinel offered nothing ...


Rest easy! Although I can't guarantee your hard drives will work, I see little reason why they will not. There are many factors that wear a hard drive (writing to it, reading from it, turning it on and off, exposing it to shock, et al); but letting a drive sit does not cause wear. And it sounds like how you stored it was very wise. What does take place ...


If it did not move, is packed well.. and not abused before packing it there is quite a good chance its just fine! Assuming it didnt have issues before and its not in layers of dust i dont think you have anything to fear

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