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Check out a solution and basic config example to get VLANs working on WRT1200AC using OpenWRT Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 here BEWARE: The example is for WRT1200AC v1 / WRT1900AC v2 / WRT1900ACS v1. For WRT1900AC v1 entries for "eth0" and "eth1" need to be SWAPPED. See


You need to compile the firmware with b43-asm and once you have the .fw files simply replace them in /lib/firmware/b43


It sounds to me like you're trying to access the WAN port of the router. Plug into one of the LAN ports, and disconnect it from your other network (there will likely be overlap on the network, and the less confuision the better). I just looked at a picture of your device, and the ports on the LAN side are labeled "Ethernet." Any one of those ...


Try the script by Tuurbo in the last post:


****Lan to Wan (Creating two networks) 1.Make sure the main(2wire router) router is working 2.Check the main router's default gateway. 3.Access 2nd (linksys router) router's ui. 4.Configure wireless settings (should be different from the main router's wireless settings) 5.Change the lan ip to 192.168.x.1 (depends on the main router's ip add) 6.Save ...

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