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Your ISP is only giving you a single IP address. When you put a switch to the modem and connect multiple devices WAN ports to the switch as peers, only one will get an Internet address from the ISP. You need to pick which layer-3 (routing) device will be your connection to the modem, and any other devices need to be connected behind that device.


You are wrong sir! Virtual server is NOT the same as port forwarding!!!! Port Forwarding creates a 1:1 relationship between your public IP address and a single private IP address. For example: Forward Port 3389 (Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol RDP) to means: your.public.ip.address:3389 gets forwarded to But let's ...


becareful of setting DNS, it should set to your router ip address. for example, router dhcp is disable and router ip adress is, then in your computer ipv4 properties, dhcp is enable and dns must be set to so that you can access router for changing setting. I've tried that way and its working.

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