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It is almost certainly technically possible that malware could intercept and modify an iso being downloaded, and also give a false report to any tools designed to verify hashes of the downloaded file. But this I would rate this threat as extremely improbable. The malware would have to recognize an iso is being downloaded and that it was bootable. It ...


Woah. Using an infected machine for this is dangerous and not likely to be a good idea. What you are considering doing is poor security hygiene. If you are using the CD for anything security-critical, you definitely should not do this. "Will the CD become infected?" is not a question that can be answered. You can't know what the malware might do. Could ...


No, your CD should be fine if you download Linux mint and burn it. The ISO image would very unlikely be targeted by your infected PC (Never heard of this happening on a fresh ISO), assuming your PC is in good enough shape to accomplish this task. Then you can boot from that CD, reformat the drive, and install Linux Mint and it'll be like new. ...


As far as I know there are no viruses that infect or damage iso images. But theoretically there can be virus that can damage iso file and thus burned CD. BUT can you burn CD and make some steps to make sure with big probability that it is not infected or damaged! Most Linux distros will have md5 and SHA-1 and other checksums in the download page. Write ...


Not sure if you are still facing this problem. If you do try this. It worked for me: pulseaudio -k Source:http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/1mb5ns/please_help_me_restart_sound_system_in_linux_mint/


try boot-repair-disk. It's a handy soft for this kind of issue. (there is an option to restore the mbr if you want to keep only windows 8).


Variable definitions in one terminal window are not in the scope of other terminal windows. To define a variable in all terminal windows you need to add it to a shell configuration file. Typically this will be ~/.bashrc, Bash being the default shell in most distros. You can add a line like export JAVA_HOME=/some/path in there to make the JAVA_HOME variable ...

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